Alignment’s Platinum HMO Medicare Advantage plan in Los Angeles and San Diego counties recognized for cost-sharing effectiveness and value for Medicare beneficiaries

ORANGE, Calif. (Dec. 1, 2019) – Alignment Health Plan is one of 25 Medicare Advantage plans across the country to be recognized for cost-sharing effectiveness and value in the design of their hospital and medical and Part D prescription drug benefits for Medicare beneficiaries. Senior Choice Gold Award recipients were selected from more than 100 Medicare managed care plans based on cost-sharing comparisons conducted by HealthMetrix Research Inc., a national independent managed care research firm.
Alignment Health Plan’s Platinum HMO plan is the only plan offered in two southern California markets – Los Angeles and San Diego counties – to qualify for the 2020 Senior Choice Gold Award recognizing excellence in 2020 Medicare plan benefits value and performance. Award criteria were based on the 2020 benefits and estimated annual cost-sharing approved by Medicare for the selected plans. HealthMetrix’s analysis identifies the Medicare plans with the lowest and highest estimated annual out-of-pocket costs based on the approved 2020 member copayments, deductibles, premiums and prescription drug costs posted on the Medicare Plan Finder database at         
"This prestigious consumer award addresses the concerns that beneficiaries may have with both Medicare plan performance and the out-of-pocket costs incurred after they enroll,” said HealthMetrix Research and President Alan Mittermaier. “Alignment Health Plan has demonstrated a commitment to delivering maximum value in the design of their plan benefits, copayments, deductibles and premiums regardless of health status. We believe that informed beneficiaries can rely on this award
as an indication of excellence just as they rely on other awards and consumer ratings that
recognize excellence in quality of care and member satisfaction."
Every year, Medicare beneficiaries can review their health plan options and make changes for the upcoming plan year during the Medicare annual election period, Oct. 15-Dec. 7.
"Choosing the Medicare plan that best meets a senior’s specific needs is an important decision. We hope honors such as the Senior Choice Gold Award can help Medicare beneficiaries make a more informed decision during this annual election period," said Dawn Maroney, consumer president, Alignment Healthcare. “We are truly excited to continue delivering excellent services and health care experience for our seniors. Receiving this recognition affirms our promise to put seniors first by providing the right quality care and coverage they need.”
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The Senior Choice Gold Award is based on independent comparisons of the approved 2020 Medicare Advantage-Part D plan benefits and is not given by Medicare. For comparison details, visit Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system. Star ratings are calculated each year and may change from one year to the next. Alignment Health Plan official star ratings can be found at
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